Yoni eggs (jade/neprite). Only original natural stones from Siberian.

Why our yoni eggs are the best

- important to know

Did you know that you can only use real jade eggs for yoni?
Not jadeite, not quartz, not amethyst, not obsidian, not aventurine! ONLY jade (nephrite)!
Only jade is a gynecological stone and can be used inside the vaginal canal. It is very important to know for your health. Jade (nephrite) does not react with salts and acids inside our body.
Other stones may react with the acidic environment of the vagina and cause various inflammatory processes.
We guarantee the authenticity and quality of our jade (nephrite). All raw materials before production tested gemologist. You can be sure that you are using real jade (nephrite).

Free world shipping

You do not need to worry about the payment of the parcel. We deliver our goods free of charge anywhere in the world.

Quality certificate

Our products are certified. You can check our products after purchase by any gemologist or geologist in your city. We guarantee the authenticity of jade.

Lifetime warranty on jade

We guarantee that during the whole life our jade will not break from falling, will not crack. It is a very strong stone that can serve you forever.


We provide our customers with full information support on how to use our product and what properties have different grades of jade.



Every woman wants to be loved, attractive, charming. Our jade products will help to reveal the inner beauty and feminine power



Train your intimate muscles, get rid of women's diseases without drugs, get and give more pleasure with your beloved man or sex partner



Activate your feminine power, increase the sexiness and charm, clear your body of energy contaminations, get your protective amulet


Our goods

Original jade eggs and jewelry

Set of dark green jade yoni eggs Standart

Green jade yoni eggs is the best simulator for intimate muscles and a source of energy of health, harmony and peace of mind for women. Positive influence on the women’s energy center, helping enjoy life and be happy.


Set of green jade yoni eggs Optima

Green jade yoni eggs is the best simulator for intimate muscles and a source of energy of health, harmony and peace of mind for women. Positive influence on the women’s energy center, helping enjoy life and be happy.


Honey jade bangle “Gold Ring”

Honey jade bangle Orbit is the perfect mascot for the realization of potential enrichment. With it increases the desire to realize their abilities, the desire for creative activity and develop organizational skills.


Jade necklace “Harmony of the 4 elements”

Black jade beads is the beauty, charm, elegance of jewelry combined with the strongest source of earth energy. Energy activates the lower chakras of the person responsible for the health, immunity, sexual energy.

Every member of our team is interested in your receiving the highest quality goods and service
Svetlana Litvishina

Svetlana Litvishina

Founder and project Manager

I want every woman to be healthy, happy and desirable. I believe our happiness is in our hands. I love my job and try to give you the best. You can always rely on me for support and help.

Alisa Kirillova

Alisa Kirillova

Marketing Specialist

I help to make our product beautiful and interesting, write articles and develop promotions for you. I hope our guests will enjoy our site. Always glad to see you!

Sergey Tarasov

Sergey Tarasov

head of jade egg production

I make sure that you get the best quality eggs. We choose the best raw materials and constantly improve our production that you were always happy with purchases in our shop.

Boris Smirnov

Boris Smirnov

head of jewelry production

Our jade jewelry is loved by women all over the world. We try to make for you unique products in beauty and quality. Each bead is hand-crafted by craftsmen so that the perfection of jade can delight your eyes.


You need more information? Check what other persons are saying about our product. They are very happy with their purchase.
Inverness McKenzie

Inverness McKenzie

Business lady

"I'm happy with my purchase! After using your product, my relationship with a partner has improved significantly. I became more calm and confident. I couldn't ask for more than that."

Matilda Deck

Matilda Deck

Independent Artist

"I am very glad that I found you on the Internet. I am very pleased with your product and advise friends. I wish you success"

Natalya Lanskie

Natalya Lanskie


"Thank you for this beauty. It's just a magic stone. I feel his energy, and my strength grows. I'll buy more from you in the future"

How to chose your first Yoni egg?


Interesting and useful information about jade
Jade eggs

How to use jade eggs

To exercise with jade eggs brought real benefits and did not cause harm to the body, you need to know some rules: If You have never given the strain the muscles of the perineum, before Read more…

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