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Jade is the stone Of the rulers of Heaven or Emperors of China, symbolizing cosmic energy, perfection, power, integrity, immortality. In Chinese tradition represents a number of virtues: moral purity, justice, sincerity, courage, harmony, devotion and benevolence.

Jades are stones are healers, guardians and protectors from evil. These include the whole genus of nephritis.

The color of jade ranges from gray to grass-green, can be yellow, brown, blue, white and black. The intensity of coloring varies depending on the content of iron oxides in the mineral. Often present brown stripes are the result of oxidation of iron cracks in the stone.
The main stone is white jade. White, yellow and brown are very rare nephritis. Types of jade-very different “sound”. They, as well as moon stones, sacred stones in China. Jade is associated with Venus, Saturn and the Moon. In medicine, only white nephritis is associated with the kidneys.
Green nephritis, and especially blue — completely different, have nothing to do with the kidneys. Nephritis is not associated with any sign of the Zodiac. This is one of the key stones in General. This stone is associated with religion and at the same time with the restructuring of a lifetime. You can wear jade only to those people who are trying to completely change their lives, to rise to a completely new, unique level, to change, to change.
Nephritis is also associated with the power of Proserpine, so they have unique properties. Jade was especially fond of the Taoist alchemists. Western alchemy is also recognized jade as the stone of magic, especially blue jade. Blue jade is a rare and noble type of jade. It is connected with the complete transcendental transformation of man. Nephritis is associated with complete external (rejuvenation), and internal restructuring, with the victory over his subconscious essence. It is connected with religion and authority.
It is simply impossible for people who are not engaged in their own evolution to carry jade. In everyday life jade facilitates change, promotes exits from the impasse. It’s as if “the equalizer”, but aligns it bluntly.
He puts a person in front of those conditions that make him change. This is a very hard teacher, because to wear it you can not all but only those people who can learn from his life..

Vibration jade correspond to the vibrations of the heart chakra — that is the energy of love, joy, happiness, openness. This stone contains trace elements necessary for normal metabolism of cellular tissue. Aging body is due to metabolic disorders (metabolism), primarily suffering connective tissue and blood. Jade, like no other mineral, is suitable for the harmonization of blood cells. Amazing the viscosity of the gem corroborates the positive influence of fluids in the body.

Moreover, jade enhances regeneration, and therefore rejuvenates the body, prolonging the life of the owner. Jade has the ability to smooth out wrinkles, so ancient cosmetologists after the massage applied jade plaques to the faces of beauties to improve the nutrition of the skin of the face and neck.

Jade is a stone of feminine power, “gynecological” stone. He destroys pathogenic bacteria, increases libido, while he is resistant to the effects of the pathogenic environment, in other words, is not “infected”. Due to the good thermal conductivity, it is able to warm up and cool the environment in which it is, like a physiotherapy procedure. As a healer, jade is a cure for toothache, kidneys, urinary system, excretory ducts, destroys the stones of the organs and ducts, relieves renal colic, normalizes cardiovascular activity, removes gases and relieves bloating.

Jade works well in a humid and warm environment. Therefore, it is possible to massage the affected organs. Carrying the stone under the clothes in the region of the stomach, can be cured of gastritis.

Many Chinese wear jade objects on themselves, on the body. They have a saying: “Man feeds jade, jade nourishes man.” An important property of jade-it removes distortion. And the distorting beginning of the world is the basis of all pathogenic processes, both in the world of events and in the space of the body.

In Chinese medicine, any pathogenesis is called “HE-QI” – distorting breath. It is believed that it penetrates from the outside and badly affects the body. At the same time, this word can denote harmful spirits, their influence. And the main function of jade is that it drives away these distorting factors.


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