Cleaning jade stones includes 2 stages: the first — energy cleaning, and the second-hygienic (antibacterial).


Before you start using the jade product, you should be sure to” clean ” the stones of the information that they have absorbed during the journey to you. To do this, jade must be cleaned in salt. Better if it is sea salt, but you can use regular table salt.

Options for salt cleaning (choose any one at your discretion):

The first option (preferred). Put an jade in a small glass or porcelain tableware (tableware can be use any, importantly — not plastic) and close dry salt. Better if jade product will be completely covered with salt, but it is acceptable to fill at least 2/3. To survive the day, then salt is thrown away, but jade is right in a pan put under running water for 5-10 minutes.
The second option (economical). To make the saline solution (one tablespoon of salt to one Cup of water, mix well) and place the jade on the day. Through the day the water pour out, and jade right in the glass to put under a stream of running water (under the faucet) for 20 minutes, rinse under running water. It is necessary to rinse the jade egg from salt deposits that could penetrate through the pores of the jade, so observe the washing time.



After the energy cleaning, proceed to hygiene. This is especially important for jade eggs, because we use it intravaginal. First wash the jade with ordinary soap to wash off the mechanical dirt particles, dust that may remain after production. Please note, if you have an egg with hole — extremely rare, but sometimes the hole may be left with a substance similar to paraffin or wax masters used in the process of drilling holes. The residue must be carefully removed with a match or toothpick, and you can handle the hole fire (to put under a candle flame for 10-20 seconds). And then treat the egg with a cotton pad soaked in a solution of Chlorhexidine or Miramistin, which is pre-bought at the pharmacy. You will regularly use them to disinfect the eggs after use. Pour a few drops of the solution through the orifice of the jade Yai.

After these simple manipulations You can start the most important — mastering the skills of intimate perfection.

The stones tend to absorb the energy. Therefore, during the training, concentrate on positive thoughts, on how well you do the exercises.

If someone wants to hold your jade in their hands or just touch it, remember that this person, whether he wants it or not, transfers his energy to the stones. So trust their nephritis cannot be. Or jade eggs will often have to be” cleaned”, remember this. Jade will not be erased, it’s the stones of eternity.


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