How to choose the right egg’s size for training? Why need to 3 eggs? What size should I start with?

Such questions arise in every woman at the beginning of training.

A large egg (size L) is needed at the initial stage of training, as well as for subsequent strength training. It helps to “turn on” the sensitivity of the woman’s vaginal canal, feels good inside, gives excellent load to the muscles. It is intended only for active exercises for the development of muscle strength of the vaginal canal no more than 2 hours a day. It is not suitable for passive wearing during the day, because it can create an extra load on the supporting ligamentous-fascial apparatus. In any case, do not use while sleeping! The size of the large eggs it is recommended to choose individually, depending on the anatomical structure, the number and complexity of delivery, the state of the pelvic floor muscles.

The average egg (size M) involves use for exercise and activity during the day — running, sports, active walking and even cleaning the house, that is, wherever you are actively moving. Your task is not to forget about the medium-sized egg in the vaginal canal, and regularly work with perineal muscles when it is inside. It is not intended for use during sleep, because at night we rarely turn, mostly lie still, and a heavy egg presses on the walls of the vagina under him and disrupts local blood circulation in the tissues. It is allowed to use no more than 4-6 hours per day.

The small egg (size S) is intended for constant carrying, sleep, energy therapy of pelvic organs, decrease of vagina volume. It is recommended to use as a passive simulator with which you can sleep, go to work, go to the movies, do household chores, etc.a Small egg does not have enough load on the muscles, so the effect of training intimate muscles at the initial stage with it will be minimal. Constant wearing is allowed, except for the days of the menstrual cycle. Also small egg sizes are used as a more advanced level of muscle training when you have well mastered all the exercises with big and medium sized eggs.

The egg should you feel good on the inside to be felt. I.e. for the start of classes to select the largest possible size. If the egg is not felt inside, it is normal at the initial stage, this is due to a lower sensitivity inside the vaginal canal than at the entrance. The sensitivity gradually increases. Then as the skills to change the size for less. The most difficult thing is to draw a small egg, it already requires a certain skill.

But even if it turns out to work with a small size, from large eggs not refuse, they provide a greater load on the muscles (both small and large weights).

Interesting facts about jade

Color: from milky white, honey-red, through all shades of green (lemon, herbaceous, emerald, marsh) to almost black. Even extremely rare red jade. The depth of color depends on the content of iron oxides and impurities of chromium, manganese, Nickel. More valued pale, plain, translucent color. However, the cost of such stones per piece is quite high. Brown stripes or streaks in nephrite are the result of oxidation of iron in the stone.

Any natural stone has energy, carries the memory of the universe. Jade is a stone of eternity, a stone of sages, a stone of rulers of Heaven and emperors of China, symbolizing cosmic energy, perfection, power, integrity, immortality. In Chinese tradition, it represents: moral purity, justice, sincerity, courage, harmony, devotion and benevolence.

Confucius wrote:

Jade as the power of knowledge, for smooth and shiny. It as justice, because he has sharp edges, but they do not cut. He as docility, for seeks down, to earth. It is like music, because it makes pure, clear sounds. It as the truth, because they do not hide flaws that only heighten its beauty. He is like the earth, and its vitality is born of mountains and water.

Thousands of years the right to have articles from nephrite had only the Emperor, his family members and dignitaries. Jade was not only a valuable stone, but also a symbol of power and might. The Imperial jade seal symbolized that power to the Emperor was given by the Sky. The honorary duty of the Emperor was to greet the sunrise with jade bells sewed on special ritual clothes.

The viscosity of jade is higher than all natural and artificial compounds, because the mineral consists of countless thinnest fibers, densely intertwined with each other. Like wool fibers in the felt. In Siberia at plant did experience: under a steam hammer put a block of jade, tried to crush a block a hammer, as a result a block remained unscathed, the anvil was blown.

Therefore jade is ideal for jewelry crafts, transfers the finest details like metal, while it has a vibrant color and depth without destroying thousands of years. Sharpened thin jade ring does not break when falling on the stones, and to crush a piece of jade you need to spend much more effort than grinding a piece of better steel. Jade melts with difficulty, the acid does not act on it, it has a high fracture strength and can not be erased.


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