To buy jade bangle brought you joy and pleasure, you need to choose the right size, because buying online there is no way to try on the product. If you decide to buy your first bangle, please take a few simple steps to know your real size.

  1. First connect all the fingers of the palm together and touch the little finger with your thumb:

       2. Use the thread to measure palm width as shown in the picture below:

  3. Now measure the length of the thread:

The result will help you choose the right size of a bangle.

length of thread inner diameter of bangle size of bangle
6-9 cm 4,2-4,8 cm 1
10-12 cm 4,9-5,2 cm 2
13-15 cm 5,3-5,7 cm 3
16-19 cm 5,8-6,1 cm 4
20-22 cm 6,2-6,9 cm 5
23-25 cm 7,0-7,5 cm 6
26-28 cm 7,6-7,9 cm 7












If you have correctly chosen the size of bangle you will be comfortable to wear and remove it.

If you do not find a suitable size in our store, we will always be able to produce it for your order.
Just leave a request, and our masters will produce a bangle for you!






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