To exercise with jade eggs brought real benefits and did not cause harm to the body, you need to know some rules:

If You have never given the strain the muscles of the perineum, before beginning training with the jade eggs muscle for several days, you must prepare to do a number of exercises, including developing strength and elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles. Otherwise, depending on the condition of your muscles, when you start training with jade eggs, you can feel pain (if the muscles are clamped, bound, inelastic) or the egg will fall out of the vaginal canal (if the muscles are weak, sagging, stretched after childbirth, or due to very low physical activity, age, lack of sexual contacts, etc.).
To move the jade egg inside the vaginal canal, it is necessary to learn how to divide the pelvic floor muscles into 3 zones and manage them independently: anal sphincter, vaginal sphincter and urethral sphincter. Not having mastered this skill, You can strain very different muscle groups, create excessive tweenie and tension of organs not involved in the movement of the egg in the vaginal canal. This, as least, not will bring results in train, and as maximum, can increase arterial blood pressure, trigger headaches or even other more serious unpleasant consequences.
To draw an egg inside it is important to learn how to work with the diaphragm, since it is an organ that helps to create a suction force inside the vaginal canal. Also, without the ability to control the diaphragm, it is impossible to influence the width of the vaginal canal, pull up the pelvic organs, create good intra-abdominal pressure.
To push the egg out of the vaginal canal, it is important to learn how to create a good intra-abdominal pressure, while leaving the pelvic floor muscles involved inwards, otherwise you can earn the descent of the uterus or squeeze down other internal organs.
For pregnant women, classes with jade eggs are strictly limited to a special set of exercises, beyond which it is strictly forbidden to leave, so as not to harm your future baby.
There are also a number of subtleties when working with jade eggs, which it is important to know that Your training was really effective and healthy. All this information is available in a set of exercises with jade eggs. For all jade egg buyers on this site, access to a set of exercises is provided free of charge, and you can get detailed instructions for training intimate muscles there.

Also access to a set of exercises with jade eggs can be bought for everyone separately at the link below.



So, start working with jade eggs. This is a magical action, and you need to treat it only as a special magical process. You can “talk” with nephritis, give them names, talk to them as with the living – because they really are.

Before you start training, you need to hold the stone in his hands to warm it up. Then it needs a little shortening of the perineum muscles to attract energy and warm up the muscles (approximately 20-30 times). No need to start exercises and enter the egg, if there is discomfort. Intimate organs are sacred-you need to treat them very gently, with great love and respect.

Step 1. We start classes with a large size (sizes L or XL). First, you can enter the egg for 1-2 hours to allow Your body accustomed, to walk with him for a while. Until my muscles will become so strong that it can easily hold egg, you should wear it only at home. Even if your egg is still poorly kept inside — proceed to classes. Start with lying down. Enter the egg and do a series of compressions-relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles. So You “turn on” the muscles, give them the initial load. The first time you need to give your muscles to get used to the load, so do not work directly for too long. If the muscles are tired — then their training becomes effective. You need to take a break, and then continue. When You can easily hold the egg inside, proceed to the exercises in the standing position. Move the egg inside the vaginal canal, learn how to push it, move, spit out and draw in both with pelvic floor muscles and diaphragm. In no case do not squeeze the egg intra-abdominal pressure to relax the pelvic floor muscles, as this may result in the squeezing down of the internal organs and prolapse. That is, to push without the included support apparatus of the pelvic floor muscles is absolutely impossible! Exercises should be done correctly, otherwise you can cause harm to your body instead of benefit.

Step 2. Then, when a muscle will become more a narrow and plastic, adopt the average the size of the eggs (the size of the Flushed). With it, you force the muscle to contract harder to feel the egg inside and start controlling it. If you just start training with medium size, it is possible to wait for results, and at the initial stage not to feel the egg inside. But if You are persistent, you can start from the middle. The average egg is ideal for a variety of physical activities when it is inside — sports, Jogging, fitness, active movement. It can even be used when you are sitting at work in the office, the main thing — do not forget about it, and constantly do a series of compressions-relaxation. After a few hours, the medium-sized jade egg should be removed and the muscles should be completely relaxed and rested.

Step 3. Also with jade egg can sleep, but only after your muscles have already turned on, and using the smallest size (S or XS), since larger sizes of eggs can transfer the thin walls of the vessels inside the vaginal canal and worsen local blood circulation. During sleep the muscles are minimal, here is the egg works more energy, cleansing and healing their owner.



  • Professional special complex of exercises for training of intimate muscles with the jade eggs, in Russian and English languages, from the instructor of Taoist practices Svetlana Litvishina
  • Advises for proper use and work with jade eggs, safety,
  • Recommendations and exercises with jade eggs during pregnancy, perineal massage techniques for pregnant women,
  • A selection of meditations with jade egg for women: to cleanse from the negative, forgiveness and let go of resentments, the trust of the Universe, the restoration of female energy, the adoption of the inner man and inner woman, filling with love and feminine energy, and others,
  • Elements of Taoist sexual practices for the training of intimate muscles,
  • Full version of Taoist exercise ” Deer»,

The set of exercises is available free of charge to all buyers of jade eggs on this site. We send access the exercises on your e-mail immediately after receipt of payment for the jade eggs. If you have made a payment, but have not received access, please contact us in any convenient way.

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