How to distinguish jade from fake, and what harm can carry fake eggs?


Last time there has been an increase in requests for clarification of the reasons why women experience various problems after wearing jade eggs. The word “jade” is quoted for a reason: they are forced to disappoint those who think that the three eggs on sale in a box at a very attractive price — jade. They are sold in many schools of Numbing-Imbilding, centers and clubs, esoteric shops and shops, where you will also find many other crafts from China: “jade” massagers for body, rugs, combs, bracelets, beads, candlesticks, etc. from the same cheap stone.
Sellers intentionally or by ignorance will assure you that this is the most that neither is the real jade. The truth is in their words, not believing that such” jade ” is a recycled product of recycling. Before you fake-pressed jade. Whether to use it, decide for yourself by reading the information below.

What is a pressed jade and why is it bad?

After making jade products: eggs, figurines, vases, jewelry remains of stone: chips, dust, debris. The whole product of the master will be sold at a high price. But the remaining waste, not to throw away, the resourceful Chinese processed — milled and pressed. To set products form blended with synthetic materials like transparent or greenish plastic and smelt eggs, bracelets, massagers, etc., the Composition is selected so as to visually correspond to solid jade. Also they are equipped with a fishing line and are usually stacked in boxes of 3 pieces. Externally, such an egg may even look like the present, because it really has jade, only the price of the kit will be much lower than the cost of one natural whole egg.

The chemical composition of such an egg as you know, is absolutely not the same, it is far from the properties of natural whole stone. Accordingly, these eggs are neither in chemical composition nor the energy will not have the wonderful unique characteristics of jade, a ruined stone — dead stone. Unique healing and energetic properties of jade are inherent only to the whole natural stone.
And what else seems important: making such “jade” eggs, do the Chinese use when remelting medical plastic suitable for injection into the vaginal canal? And what is it made of fishing line behind the egg will follow directly in the Womb of Life? The question is rhetorical, because the true composition of such products is unknown! So before you decide to buy such sets, think! If your goal is to save money, it is better to buy vaginal balls of medical plastic. They are hypoallergenic and safe for the microflora of the vagina. The sense of such “jade” eggs will be no more than from conventional vaginal balls.

How to define pressed jade?

Set it on fire with a lighter for 20-30 seconds. Plastic, which is available in the composition, will melt, publishing a specific smell, and the product will be almost impossible sunken dark spot. If the same is done with natural solid stone, the resulting soot is easily wiped off with a damp cloth, leaving no trace.

From jade create original sculptures, various amulets. Very beautiful Chinese jade vases. Often made of this stone Souvenirs, chess pieces, great openwork products, such as the famous Chinese balls for magic rituals.

Thin jade plates, touching each other, make a very gentle melodious sound. Because of this property, Chinese masters used them in the manufacture of musical instruments for religious ceremonies at the court of the Emperor.

Finds the use of nephrite as in traditional, so and in popular medicine. Jade products are very popular among European tourists who come to rest in the countries of the East. This is used by local traders in the markets, trying to give ignorant people a fake. In order not to fall for the bait scammers need to know a few simple secrets of this unique natural stone to be able to distinguish jade from forgery.

Popular jade authentication methods: pros and cons

The following jade authentication methods are very popular on the Internet. But be careful, the described methods is very relative, and have many nuances that are important to know to be a competent verification of the authenticity of jade.

The first method is based on the fact that jade has a very high strength (about 6 on the Mohs Scale). It is stronger than steel. It can not be cut, it does not happen dents, at the same time it is well cut. To check whether the real jade in the proposed product or not, it is enough to hold it on the sharp end of the pin. This does not hurt the jade, but on the fake pressed jade or plastic will be a small scratch. However, when checking jade testicles, avoid scratching black inclusions — these are iron oxides-typical of jade inclusions, they are much softer than jade, and they can be scratched. Test pin spend on any green area of the testicle. In addition, in any case, do not use knives and metal objects made of aluminum and its alloys. The thing is, aluminum has a higher hardness than jade (about 9), and you’ll spoil your egg.

From our experience with the jade eggs we also want to note that sometimes there are solid jade eggs are very poor quality, soft, which is the same as counterfeiting, can be scratched. Externally, they look dim and poorly transmit light inside. As a rule, it is a low-grade jade with a hardness on the Mohs Scale of about 2-2.5,which has in its composition the products of destruction of primary rocks. It is not recommended to use it. Damage it, of course, will not bring, but also good energy and healing effect You will get. Good quality jade is always solid.
True jade is always cold at first. You can feel it by putting it on your face. However, if you hold it in your hands for some time, the stone will “absorb” your heat for a long time and then it will be warm for a long time. This method of testing will help you distinguish natural stone from conventional plastic (plastic will initially have a room temperature or ambient temperature), but is not suitable for distinguishing whole jade from pressed (you just do not feel a noticeable difference), as well as for distinguishing natural stones among themselves, since all natural stones have approximately the same thermal conductivity.
Also, some sources suggest checking the product for sound by tapping the beads or plates of a friend about a friend (or one of the beads about a coin). If you hear a dull sound, then in front of you a product of ordinary plastic. And jade sound gentle, melodious, with the effect of resonance. Keep in mind that this method of testing is not suitable for jade testicles — it is acceptable only for thin jade plates or beads, since the testicles because of their shape have a very dense structure and a large mass, and will not give the same melodious sound as plates or thin beads.
Jade is distinguished by good light transmission ability (translucent). Take a look at the jade product in bright light or with a flashlight (you can use a magnifying glass), and you will see inside it an amazing pattern of soft fibers that looks like cotton wool. If the stone is uniform and nothing inside can not see is fake. Please note when checking the jade eggs — good light transmission — does not mean transparency of the stone. Through it you will not be able to see how through the glass. This refers to the translucent surface-the ability of light to penetrate deep into the stone to see the internal structure.
The surest WAY to CHECK the AUTHENTICITY of JADE is a gemologist consultation. Take your gem to a gemologist if you doubt its authenticity, and the expert will be able to give you a qualified answer quickly enough.
Of course, it is best to purchase a certificate for a jade product, confirming its authenticity, or require it from the seller. After all, products made of this natural stone, if it is not pressed, are estimated very expensive.

In our store you will find certificates of authenticity (expert opinions) on all jade products, what sold in our store. Also you will get it with your order of any jade eggs.



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