Jade stone is able to align the energy of Yin (female energy). Each jade egg has it’s own philosophy and the special magical properties.
Training of intimate muscles with the help of jade egg saves vital energy, rejuvenates, develops sensitivity and sexuality, helps soft, orgasmic childbirth, preserves the integrity of the birth canal during childbirth and the restoration of birth canal after childbirth. Heal prolapse of the uterus and vagina, painful periods and cysts, chronic inflammation, infertility, erosion, improves the microflora of the vagina.

It has a powerful antibacterial effect, which reduces the likelihood of women’s diseases. Stimulates local immunity. The system activates the release of pheromones, attracting the opposite sex odors. It also increases the sexual sensitivity of women due to the impact on the nerve endings of the vagina when wearing jade eggs, is an indispensable tool in the treatment of frigidity.

Why in the shape of an egg?
The shape of the simulator is not chosen by chance. The shape of the eggs is magical, because that is the shape of our aura and the aura of the earth, and the egg symbolizes the origin of life and carries a secret of the Universe. In addition, the shape of the egg makes the simulator the most effective and convenient means for the development of vaginal muscles.

Still, the shape of the egg is an ancient symbol, many people he embodies the infinity of being, the renewal of nature, the continuity of generations, as an amulet, life stability and maintain a tradition of sorts. Since time immemorial, the wives and concubines of the Chinese Emperor and noble nobles have used jade eggs to develop and strengthen the intimate muscles.


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