The price of jade eggs depend on the size, the color of jade, the quality of the stone and its treatment and the availability of holes, depending on the purity and nobility of the stone: the cheapest of whole natural nephritis is considered bath, followed carpentry at an average price, and jewelry is very beautiful and very expensive jade. On our site you can buy jade eggs from craft and jewelry jade.

Cheap natural whole jade worth less than 1000 rubles. per piece in retail online stores can not be sold, as a rule, sellers sell sets of eggs from pressed Chinese jade, giving them for real jade eggs. Here are just some examples of Chinese pressed “jade” eggs:

In fact, jade is really present in such eggs, but in the form of waste — it is dust and chips left after the production of jade products mixed with plastic. And even if these eggs look very beautiful and very similar to natural jade (and the Chinese are now faking even chicken eggs!!!), in any case it is not necessary to place them naked inside the vaginal canal. If You bought a set of these “jade” eggs — engage with them only with condom!

Acceptdecline to buy jade “jade” eggs usually have no quality certificates or confirmation of Gemological examination in the Russian language. Often sellers provide Chinese pseudo-certificates, with which, of course, to verify the authenticity of jade is not possible.


However, to independently identify fake jade is pretty easy — just put this egg under a candle flame or lighter for 20-30 seconds — You will see the remaining dark spot, which is very difficult to remove the eggs, as the included plastic started to melt. With longer heating the fake egg will turn black all through, and will not

return to its original appearance. This whole jade fire is not terrible-dark bloom from the fire easily and without residue removed with a damp cloth.

About any miraculous properties of jade, described in detail on this page, from cheap pressed jade can not be expected. There is no force in the dead, destroyed stone, but still mixed with synthetic artificial materials. The use of such eggs only as trainers, but isn’t it better then to buy a regular Ben WA balls? They are at least made of medical hygienic plastic, water-resistant and hypoallergenic, suitable for intravaginal use.

Take care of your health, do not buy cheap Chinese pressed jade, despite the very tempting price! Not only will you fail to live up to your expectations from the magical healing jade stone — carrying such eggs can be dangerous to your health! It is better to buy jade egg one, even a small one, which will be a little more expensive than the set — but From it you will really benefit! Everything that is written further on this page about jade makes sense only for natural whole jade. Fakes made of pressed jade do not possess any of the following properties…





Buying jade egg on our site you get a 100% guarantee of authenticity of jade, which is confirmed by expert opinions of the Ministry of taxes of Moscow. Documents confirming the authenticity, you can see on our website on the goods page. In addition we have a return guarantee. Our jade eggs are made by jewelers from whole natural mineral — nephrite (jade). Gemologists, mineralogists or jewelers of your city will also help you to confirm the authenticity of the mineral.

Or you can do it yourself by following the instructions on the link below



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