Since ancient times, inquisitive and practical Chinese secret passed on to their students knowledge about the healing properties of jade for the body as a whole, and especially for the genitourinary sphere of men and women.

Jade-a unique stone that has long been considered a favorite stone of Chinese emperors. The Chinese say: “Gold has a price, jade is priceless»…

It is not surprising why in China’s erotica the names of female and male reproductive organs are associated with this stone. Men jade rod or stem, which is the female part, the female jade gate, or the cave that takes jade scepter, jade house — the uterus and jade clusters is the egg in the ovaries, capable of giving new life to the offspring.

If you look in here, it means you’ve already heard something about the benefits of jade. Please read very carefully, because the networks will find many myths and fables about this mineral.

When we talk about the healing properties of minerals, it is necessary to distinguish two sides of the same coin, namely:

1) physico — chemical properties, or what really works on the body level and that is confirmed by official science;

2) magical properties, or something that is not visible, it is difficult to prove on the instrument, but it works at the level of energy and thousands of years successfully applied.

Let us consider:


How jade products (eggs, balls, plates) affect the body:

– well warm body tissue, both outside and inside. In the vaginal canal, the temperature is slightly higher than usual, as a result, the pathogenic microflora dies;

– turns chaotic body heat into structured (wave) heat, and jade vibrations correspond to heart rhythms.

I.e., essentially the effect of jade is equivalent to the procedures of physiotherapy.

What the effects:

– destroys pathogenic bacteria, harmful microflora, increases libido, while he is resistant to the influence of the pathogenic environment, not” infected»;

– vaginitis (colpitis), thrush, inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system are cured, unpleasant smell disappears from the vagina;

– quickly passes the pain in the stomach, especially when stress occurs, as well as tooth and headache (plate on the lace on the stomach, on the forehead or on the cheek);

– improves the ability to diagnose diseases, clarifies the clinical picture of diseases of the genitourinary sphere;

– there are several cases of fragmentation and natural way out of kidney stones;

– smoothing wrinkles when applying plates on the face, especially the alternation of warm and cold plates.

How and why is this happening?

Jade is a very heat-intensive material, i.e. it is able to accumulate and store heat for a long time, transferring it to the tissues of the body (and cooling — cold). Has tangled — microfiber structure (fibers of actinolite and tremolite) and crypto — crystalline lattice (a mineral group amphiboles).

The mineral is able to stop the processes of decay and decomposition of the tissues. So, in 1983, was excavated graves one hanskoj the Princess, who was lying in a suit of jade plates. It’s not just not decomposed in 2200 years without embalming. Her skin hasn’t lost its elasticity. The decay did not happen, she would have dried up. Moreover, at the time of death she was pregnant, and it preserves the fruit.


On the one hand, jade is a stone Of the rulers of the Sky and the emperors of China, symbolizing cosmic energy, perfection, strength, power, integrity, immortality. On the other hand, for millions of years jade has collected the strength and power of the earth. According to Taoist alchemy, a person combines the energy of the Sky and the Earth, and at the level of the body the energy of the sky (space) is in the cavity of the head, the energy of the earth in the abdomen, and in the cavity of the chest concentrated human energy as a harmonious unity of heaven (Yang) and earth (Yin) — energy Qi. Having a fibrous structure (vibration basis), jade is a long-wave conductor and a carrier of information since ancient times, and crystal lattice helps the mineral to rid the owner of bad, destructive energy of diseases or negative emotions and not “get infected”.

What the effects:

– by placing the egg in the vaginal canal, we strengthen the Earth within us, nurturing its power and vitality;

– jade harmonizes blood cells. The amazing viscosity of the gem has a positive effect on all fluids in the body;

– carrying eggs or jade products increases The qi energy of the organs with which the objects are in close proximity;

– jade enhances the regeneration of tissues of our body at the cellular level, rejuvenates the body, prolongs life;

– has a strong energy potential and the ability to transfer their charge to the owner in difficult life situations;

– with long-term interaction with jade, many women notice how fuss gradually disappears and softness and fluidity appears;

– sex is a shift of emphasis from mechanical action on a deeper feeling of inner States.


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